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Bedrooms Zine (2020)

  • Bedrooms Zine (2020)

‘Bedrooms’ was a project I shot in November 2019, across 5 days, at 10 of my friends house’s. It’s an intimate look at teenagers lives’ on the cusp of adulthood, with many of them about to leave home, and therefore leaving bedroom’s that will often have been their own for their entire lives. It’s an attempt to show the vulnerability that soon to be adults can only let escape in a space as private as our own bedroom. Until we move out, it is often the only space we can actually call our own, and the memories we make within them are therefore
integral parts of our development.

Releasing this zine a year later, it’s hard not to be shocked at how quickly things have changed, for the people in the photos, and my relationships with them all. This is in part a thank you to everyone in these photos, a show of gratitude for these people sticking with me.

Edition of 25.
Each will be hand numbered + signed.
Pages: 24

Limited to (1) copy per person. If you order more than (1) you will only receive (1) copy.